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217 Glenridge Ave

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217 Glenridge Ave

Montclair, NJ 07042

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A huge part of growth and the spiritual path is self-love.

There are innumerable ways to express love of the self, but one of my favorites is to remember and honor just how magical and innately divine we all are.

What is magic but the focus of energies to manifest the heart’s desires, all while respecting and understanding the deep wisdom of the universe.

Inside all of us is a deeply intuitive spirit waiting for any chance to say hello. With these easy tips you’ll find yourself welcoming in all the universe has to offer you, and by surrounding yourself in beauty and creating sacred space, you’ll remind your soul how much love you have for yourself.

 Having plants in the home is imperative for so many reasons (oxygen, cleansing, nature in the home) but in this context it’s nice to remember the old adage of speaking to your plants! These green creatures carry soul, and allowing yourself to meditate near and care for plants connects you to the earth, to yourself, and opens the root chakra

 There is nothing more beautiful and peaceful than a candle-lit room.  At the end of every day I turn off all the lights, put away all the screens, and just sit in sweet silent candlelight. Seeing how beautiful your home is, creating a special ritual for yourself, and welcoming in the spirit of fire are all beautiful ways to remember your divinity.

 Working with crystals provides deep healing energies.  Aiding in anything from balancing chakras to getting over heart-ache, collecting these little pieces of earth + stars welcomes divine energy right into your pocket and opens you up to a new, esoteric source of healing  (my once skeptical student can not believe what her rose-quartz has done for her!)

 Put on jewels, even if you’re just hanging around the house.  Bearing baubles can do wonders for a sense of empowerment, especially when they feature gemstones, birthstones, or sentimental meaning.  Whenever I’m feeling unstable I don't my Isis ring from Bourbon Street.

 The beautiful, calming sound of wind chimes helps to create a space that feels ethereal, peaceful and even tropical.  Sound plays a huge part in our ability to stay mentally healthy—from the words we speak to the tone of voice we choose to use.  Keeping wind chimes around is a wonderful and easy way to let the healing power of sound do its thing.  Plus, according to some, when they tinkle, you know the air faeries of transformation are hanging out.

 Surround yourself with as many photos of natures and the cosmos as possible (even if that just means on phone and computer desktops). To see these images is to remember that you are created of the same matter and energy; not only does it humble us and remind us we’re all one, but it also speaks to the divinity inside each and every creature that roams this magical earth. Reminding us we have the power to create anything in our lives.

 Easily welcome the tarot into your life by choosing a card to meditate with—whether that’s the high priestess for… or the star for….just holding and getting to know these ancient, image cards can bring a great sense of mysticism to your life.

 Using seashells to burn incense/pretty dishes-Using loose incense and burning it in found seashells-there is something very powerful about lose incense as opposed to sticks, the way it smokes, reaching into the air like out of a movie.  And when we use a beautiful burner, like an abalone shell or a seashell we’ve found, we feel even more magic in the air.

Magic is all around you, much like prana, just waiting to be acknowledged and harnessed.  Know your divinity and know your soul, let magic be a part of your everyday life!

 Wanna learn even more about getting magical AND mellow out? Join me at  my happy heart yogaretreat: relax + restore in the magical woods of maine

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