With Earth Day just ending and Mother's Day on the horizon, what better way to connect to the universal mother than to understand some of the healing herbs she grows for us everyday.

Below I've made a nice beginners list of all-natural, grown-by-mama offerings to keep you happy, mellow, and healthy.

Lavender-Regenerates skin cells and is wonderful to use on a sunburn (blessed be DollyMoo's lavender water makes such a great beach buddy!) and a bit of lavender oil goes a long way for dry skin or to clear up a rash.  Not to mention the calming, soothing properties of the scent we all love. 

Feverfew-Chewing on a leaf of this or taking a tincture can vastly help soothe and even heal migraines.

Cabbage-These familiar friends are excellent for treating bruises and swelling (just break the ridges of the outer leaves, dip briefly in boiling water to soften and apply to the sore spot). This wonder veggie  also greatly soothes new mother's breasts and nipples! Chill the leaves then place in your bra until they warm, replacing as often and for as long as needed.

Eucalyptus-For head clearing and all cold conditions that effect the lungs--from coughs to asthma to bronchitis. Soak in a hot bath and smell up that gorgeous DollyMoo Breathe Easy to keep your vital and hard-working lungs happy and healthy. Or better yet, get the whole Healing Kit,  and rub that hand-crafted healing butter on temples and chest for relief from tension and tightness. 

Jasmine-MMM one of our favorites, the flower of the goddess can be used as an aphrodisiac, an anti-depressant, to speed up labor, menstrual pain, postpartum depression and  respiratory problems.  Not to mention it will invoke your inner wild woman, and connect you to the source of sacred femininity.

There are innumerable herbs our mother has grown us to keep us well. We are a part of her, and she joyfully grows all the medicine we could ever need.  Allow yourself to connect to nature and to earth, and therefore your heart, in whatever way feels good to you.  Herbal remedies are a great place to start!

And remember to say thank you to our gorgeous earth for all she does for us, her endless abundance and care-taking. Honor her, treat her with respect, and care for her to the best of your ability.  She is our mother, and we her children.

To say thank you to the sacred mothers' who held us in their wombs, share a sweet DollyMoo gift. Drip her off to sweet dreams with the Calming Collection, remind her she's sexy and free with coconut-citrus, and tell her she is beauty with with the Rose Quartz Facial Collection.

Blessed Be! 

Happy Day of the Sacred Feminine, Happy Day of our Mother!

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