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Blessed Beltane!
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Blessed Beltane!

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Blessed Beltane!
Beltane is the old world day of celebration marking the exact halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. This holiday was largely celebrated during a time where humanity was dependent on nature and her seasonal influences. At this time here in the northern hemisphere, Spring is peaking. The natural world has fully awakened. This great change has been brought about by the returning light and warmth of the sun. The name itself, "Beltane," is derived from Gaelic, meaning "bright fire," as this day honors the sun, fire, fertility, and new life.

On the wheel of the year, Beltane sits directly opposite of Samhain (aka Halloween); therefore, these two holidays are compliments to one another. They share the mysterious lifting of the veils, gifting us here in the physical world in greater proximity to the spirit realms. If we were to separate the wheel of the year into halves, Samhain marks the beginning of winter; the feminine, receptive energy-filled months of the year. Beltane denotes the closing of those energies, beginning summer, the masculine, externalized energetics. This is when everyone can feel inspired by nature to be uplifted, hopeful, and grateful.

Discover what aspects of this ancient holiday resonate with you and celebrate the miracles of nature.

Ways to Celebrate!

Faerie Offerings
Since the veil is thin, it is believed that faeries are highly active and mischievous. To appease these tricky, playful beings, it's beneficial to leave them little offerings. They adore shiny objects, so little trinkets such as coins, glittery items. Food is also highly received. Petite offerings of sweet milk, cakes, crumbs, and berries are sure to put you in favor of the Fae.

Dancing is one of the oldest ways to honor thyself and the spirit of Earth. Living in the fullness of our figure and our creator is the greatest tribute to life. Specifically, on Beltane, it was believed that celebration by dance was the only way to ensure that Mother Earth has wakened from her deep winter's slumber. By dancing upon her, you are calling her forth. Another fun activity to incorporate in your dance is broom jumping. Simply lay a besom or broomstick on the ground, and leap over it! This symbolizes you and your energetics propelling forward from Spring into Summer.

This is an ideal time to take pause, creating intentional thought and reflection. The nearness of the spiritual plane to that of our physical experience is so close that it is almost permeable at this time. Take advantage of this by communing with loved ones and ancestors. You can do so in a state of traditional meditation or create your own path. You can speak aloud while alone in the car, ask questions or reminisce. Think about what you'd like to leave behind as you focus on the abundance of life and what that really means.

Time in Nature
Since this special day calls to honor nature and her eternal cycles, naturally, spending time in her presence is celebratory in itself. This can be achieved in whatever way suits your lifestyle. Gardening, taking a walk, laying in the grass, or whatever you can dream up! The best way to connect to the Earth is by "grounding" or "earthing." This is simply walking barefoot in the grass, dirt, or sand. It's incredibly healing, uplifting, and simple. (If you take a walk, extra blessings to you if you pick up any litter along the way!)

The simplest of pleasures, yet the most satisfying to our souls. The joy of celebration is incomplete without a feast. Beltane is all about the plush, juicy pleasures of life. Think ripe berries, honey, punch, lemonade, cakes, and rich, creamy dairy. Make a spread of decadent treats and lay outside soaking up the richness of life with fresh air.

Take A Bath
Historically, bathing has been connected to ritual and purification for centuries. Water is particularly sacred at this time, for it has given way to all of the blossoming, flourishing greenery and landscapes. Honor the water spirit by submerging yourself in sacred waters. Adorn your bath, think honey, milk, flowers, or tea! An ancient tradition is the collection of morning dew to add to the bath or to apply directly to your skin, believing it enhances overall beauty and well-being for the year to come.

 Decorate with Flowers
Flowers naturally are symbolic to Beltane as they are representations of the fertility of nature. Today being the peak of Spring, there are flowers everywhere. Bring the bountiful beauty to your home to enjoy the colors and high vibes of nature's gifts. You may simply put flowers on display in your home, or you can adorn your altar or yourself! One of the most traditional and well-known ways to honor Beltane is to create and wear a flower crown. This can be done with fresh or artificial flowers!

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