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217 Glenridge Ave

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Blessed Yule & Winter Solstice!
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Blessed Yule & Winter Solstice!

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Winter Solstice, also known as Yule, is the darkest day of the year. On this day, after honoring the rising of the sun and the short-lived hours of daylight, it is customary to honor the long hours of darkness. After this evening, the hours of sunlight grow with each passing day. The darkness brings us a knowing and gratitude for the light that we may not know if we had sunshine all the time.
Join us in celebrating the longest night by creating a cheerful altar full of light and beauty as we endure the great darkness.
To those who are new here and as a refresher for all, The use of altars has been prominent throughout history within many faiths and belief systems. The purpose of creating and maintaining an altar is to form a focal point of intention. A place you can visit to meditate, honor the past, present, and future, manifest hopes and desires, and tap into the wonders of the universe. This space acts as a physical reminder to engage with the energy of your mind, emotions, and spirit to unify within the physical realm. Setting intentions and creating a space filled with beauty and peace will be all the more gratifying to take part in this age-old practice. You can create an altar anywhere you wish! On a table, shelf, windowsill, or nightstand, among many other places. There are no rules; your altar can be small and simple or large and ornate. You can have many altars dedicated to specific purposes (such as ancestors, prosperity, love, deities, etc.) or one altar that encompasses all of your devotions. As long as the space is created from your heart and soul, it will be perfect. Gather items that are sacred to you and adorn them as you see fit!

Altar Adornment Ideas:
candles - this being the darkest day, candles bring in and honor the light
incense - to set the mood and as an offering
flowers - adding life and beauty to the space
seasonal greenery such as evergreen, pine, rosemary, bay leaf, juniper,
a small Yule log or some representation of wood and or trees
dried fruits and herbs, traditionally preserved items are used in winter
•water, even fresh snow or ice
crystals, such as clear quartz, bloodstone, garnet, emerald, and ruby
anything else you like!

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