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Happy Summer Solstice & Blessed Litha!
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Happy Summer Solstice & Blessed Litha!

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Happy Summer Solstice & Blessed Litha!

The Wheel Of The Year has joyously spun upon Summer Solstice. Also known as Litha, the Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year! Today the hours of sunlight greatly outweigh the dark of night by taking up two-thirds of the day. Here in North America, many of us will be blessed with more than 14 hours of sunlight. This time-old celebration is in honor of the Sun, for whom we owe everything. As all of the sabbats share the common thread of significance of the Sun, Litha is the pinnacle. Today the Sun God glistens in reigning glory, at its highest point, shimmering and shining for hours on end. A season of joy, celebration, and abundance in all aspects of life, it's the time of year to rejoice and be free!
So let's celebrate this summer with gratitude, honor the
Sun and all its beautiful, bountiful gifts.
Summer Celebrations!

Fire Festivities
Whether it's enjoying a bonfire or simply lighting candles, Summer Solstice is all about giving gratitude to the power and vitality of the Sun. An intimate backyard fire pit or even illuminating tiki torches are ways to keep this long day's celebration going well into the evening! For a beautiful, personal offering, light yellow or gold candles to honor the Sun.

Make Sun Tea Or Solar Water
To embrace the influence of the ever radiant Sun, create and enjoy some solar beverages. Sun tea is a wonderful way to enjoy homemade iced tea in the summer without having to turn on your stovetop on an already hot day! Simply put tea bags in a glass jar or container and leave them in direct sunlight for 2-3 hours to infuse. (How many depends on the size of the container, but figure one bag per 2cups H2O) Remove the tea bags, add sweeteners, lemons, or nothing at all! Chill and serve over ice. Solar water, on the other hand, is pure water that has been left to charge in the sunlight. Leave water in direct sunlight for as long as possible. You may use this water to bless yourself, your home, your garden, or save it on your altar for use throughout the year. Whatever way you chose to work with solar water, it will be grandly reenergized.

Have A Cookout or Picnic
As always, a fun way to celebrate the joy and abundance of a season or holiday is with a feast. So, taking advantage of the long day and ample sunshine, feast outdoors! Summer is just calling for us to enjoy fresh fruit, icy beverages, and grilled everything. So, spread out a blanket and play some tunes while you fill your belly and your heart.

Gather Wildflowers
There is endless lore about the gathering of wildflowers and herbs at this time. Due to the potency of the Sun's light, it is believed that all plants, herbs, and flowers alike are rich with the power and life force of the Sun itself. It is recommended to pick flowers and herbs for teas and magickal purposes at this time for the best benefit. An age-old myth says that wildflowers collected in the morning and made into a floral crown to be worn all day; if placed beneath your pillow at night, you will dream of your soul mate.

Make A Wand
Tying into the fact that all plants are thriving this time of year for all of the glorious sunlight they are receiving, it is an ideal time to seek out a wand. The energy, strength, and spirit of the Sun are at their peak, so it is appropriate to believe that all life that depends upon this is now embodying these heightened traits. A powerful, handmade wand can be perfectly curated at this time. Look for newly fallen branches on the ground, or if you feel called, as in the old ways, ask a tree if you may pick a branch to use for this purpose. Feel into your intuition if it's okay, and thank the tree and Mother Earth.

Cloud Gazing
A sweet and joyful way to be present in the moment is to lay back and lookup. Take a quick few minutes, or make a little event of it. You can just enjoy the glory of nature, or use your imagination, see what shapes you can find, and tell a story. You may even make this a little abstract and do some cloud divination. You can ask a question, then scan the clouds to see if you can see
and answer in their forms!

Enjoy the Sunshine
Did we mention how sacred the Sun is yet?! Simply spending time in the Sun is the grandest way to celebrate this time of year. Being outside naturally lifts your spirits. Sunbathe, go for a stroll, play outside with little ones, just bask in the sunlight. If you can make the time to wake up early and watch the sunrise or intentionally catch the sunset, it's a humbling reminder of why our ancient ancestors reveled in and worshiped the Sun.
Song to Celebrate Litha
Solstice Dream by Todd Boston

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