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Merry Mabon! {Autumn Equinox}
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Merry Mabon! {Autumn Equinox}

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Today we honor Mabon. More commonly known as the Autumn Equinox, Mabon is the midpoint between the Summer and Winter Solstices. It is on this day that the hours of sunlight and night are in equal proportions. Moving forward each day, we will lose a little more light, giving way to embrace the mysteries of the darkness. This emphasis on balance and harmony speaks to the dual nature of life and death. As we move into the endless caverns of our soul and spirit, we are called to give thanks to nature, expressing our deepest gratitude. The Autumn season is Mother Nature’s way of slowly revealing herself. Her quiet, graceful, return to self is displayed to us as a bountiful harvest and bursts of colorful leaves. As enchanting as this short-lived season is, it is the reminder that all things come to pass. This sacred day has been referred to as the witches thanksgiving. It is a time of appreciation for all of the blessings and abundance we have received. Mabon’s blessing is knowing life shares the phases and seasons of nature, acknowledging the gifts of both the light and the dark, and eternally striving to be present at all times. Well, how can we rejoice on this special day? There are endless ways to enjoy the fruits of the season and give thanks.
Count Your Blessings
Literally, count your blessings! Every little thing you are grateful for counts, no matter how small. Write them all out on small individual pieces of paper and fill a mason jar. It’ll be humbling and uplifting to see how blessed you truly are. Keep the jar somewhere you can see and add blessings as they come!
Spend Time In Nature
This one can be fulfilled in so many ways. Taking a hike, a stroll in your local park, or laying in your yard are simple ways to admire your surroundings. Whatever you choose, pay close attention to the details, sights, sounds, smells, and sensations.
Go Apple Picking
An abundant gift of the season is the versatile apple. Spend a day at an orchard, picking these delightful treats. As you pick each apple, thank the trees for their offering.
Take this time to declutter your home. Any items that you don’t use or reach for anymore, donate them where they will be given a new life. Donating food is also a thoughtful expression of gratitude and compassion.
Fill your home with the warmth and love of Mabon by baking. Think of cinnamon, brown sugar, and maple filling the air! Apple pie, loaves of bread, scones, the list is endless.
Set the tone for the season by changing up your space. You could go wild, and string leaf garland, acorns, squash, and apples all over your home, but something as simple as seasonal candles will do the trick. A favored and free Mabon decoration is dried leaves you pick up along the way of your daily travels.
Say goodbye to summer and welcome cool nights by illuminating the growing darkness. Sit around a cozy fire bundled up in your favorite fall sweater, comfy socks, hats, and boots. Share warm cider with your friends and make a toast to this charming season. Make this moment extra magickal by writing wishes onto paper and tossing them in the fire, releasing them to the universe.

Try some Moo for Mabon! We love Mabon so much we have a whole line of products named after this beautiful season.

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