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217 Glenridge Ave

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Merry Winter Solstice & Blessed Yule!
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Merry Winter Solstice & Blessed Yule!

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As the wheel of the year turns, we find ourselves yet again at another ending and beginning. Winter solstice, also referred to as Yule officially marks the first day of the winter season. On this day, we experience the shortest hours of sunlight and the longest night of the entire year. As we engage in the darkest day, we are inspired to count our blessings with the returning of the light. This year, in particular, we are blessed beyond words. A once in a lifetime opportunity occurs this evening as Jupiter and Saturn come together to illuminate the night sky. This divine union hasn’t happened this close for several hundred years, so it’s truly remarkable to be here, now. This unique celestial event is a fortunate way to signify the growing light of each day forward.
We made it; we’ve traversed the darkness. Just as we and those before us always have. The looming cold can sometimes be dreary if you lose sight of all the beautiful blessings woven in this special time. Each season helps us grow and shift as needed. The winter gives us miraculous snow, which glistens and reflects the rays of the sun more spectacularly than any other point of the year. The chill in the air calls us to be inside, cozy, and close to those we love. Resting and resetting, nurturing our sacred homes, filling them with love and memories. Join us in celebration of this magickal holiday.
Here are seven ways to celebrate Winter Solstice.

Welcome the Sun Child
To celebrate the coming sun, it is traditional to illuminate your space as much as possible! Pull back the curtains, light candles, spark up your fireplace if you have one, or put a Yule log on your tv! Really set the mood of the evening, have fun with the extra hours of darkness. Wake up to see the sunrise in the morning.

What is a celebration without a good feast? Enjoy the fare of the season. Think of comforting, nostalgic foods of the winter season. Baked goods like cookies, cakes, and bread. Soothing drinks like hot cocoa with marshmallows, a hot toddy, or eggnog. Soups, stews, roasts. Warming, satisfying food to nurture your heart and soul.

Making And Giving Gifts
Gift-giving is a long-standing tradition that expresses gratitude for those in our lives. Giving and receiving makes our hearts feel warm and assured. You can extend these beautiful feelings by giving in many ways. Make edible ornaments to hang outdoors for any little foraging creatures. Volunteer or donate to shelters and charities. One of the best gifts is random acts of kindness; it starts a ripple effect. Small gestures can reshape someone’s entire world.

Winter Walk
Getting bundled up for an evening stroll with lanterns or flashlights is a fun way to activate winter magick. It makes you feel like a kid again, bringing back the joy and excitement of being connected to being outside. If it’s a clear evening, it’s nice to look up to see all the stars and moon, especially if there’s snow.

Decorating during this time of year helps to lift our spirits and give us comfort. Bringing in natural greenery fills our homes with life and freshness. Dim lights, fun scented candles, and extra throw blankets make the space cozy. You can set up a winter altar with dried oranges, spices, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, whatever seasonal items call to you!

We can always look to nature for simple reminders. This is the time of year that all sweet creatures hibernate. In the modern world, we can forget how important and necessary rest truly is. While we can’t sleep for weeks on end, as lovely as that would be, we can implement a relaxing routine with ourselves. Take a long bath, make time in your day for a nap, meditate, or purposefully do nothing at all! Even if you feel you don’t have time, take a deep breath, be still. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

An unforgettable nostalgic pastime is to tell stories. This can be done in several ways. Storytelling can be reserved as a nighttime routine or a little event for the family. There may be a favored storybook to read before bedtime. You can also sit together with your household and tell stories aloud, either from a book, memory, or even fun and interesting personal stories. These activities will make precious memories.

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