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Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm

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New Moon Goddess Wisdom

New Moon Goddess Wisdom


A mysterious new moon remains unseen across a luminous wintry landscape. If you are among us in the Northeast, you undoubtedly still have crisp snow blanketing your scenery. This vision of softness, the pure fallen snow, is more than a delightful sight; it’s a hydrating and nourishing refreshment for Mother Earth. As the snow melts in the coming days, it will soften and dampen the soil beneath, creating a rich atmosphere for life to begin its early stages. The grass, seeds, plants, tree roots are all aching to stretch and wiggle themselves through the dirt and touch the golden rays of the sun and warm fresh air. This reminds us that every phase and cycle serves a purpose; we must soften, rest, and breathe new life into ourselves, so we can, too, break through our barriers to meet the sun.

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Pachamama waits for you with open arms. It is time to open to Pachamama’s embrace. Now is the time to heal/whole and remember your holiness; remember yourself as a sacred being. Do you feel a connection with Earth Mother as a living entity, or do you consider the earth an inert rock beneath your feet? Are you in the middle of some emotional pain that nothing seems to ease? Do you eat food and drink water without giving thanks to the earth? Are you looking for answers to questions? Do you spend time in nature, opening to the earth and her vital energies? Opening to Pachamama can occur any place. You can commune with her in a city park, your own backyard, some remote forest, jungle, or desert. Pachamama says that healing/wholing is nurtured when you open to her.

Brigid comes to ignite you with inspiration. Are you feeling a lack of direction? motivation? energy? Has your path gone out of focus, your life become unclear? Are you yearning for something but can’t quite put your finger on it? It is time to nurture wholeness by taking in the sparkle and crackle of inspiration. Brigid says that a life without the fire of inspiration is full indeed. She further counsels that by allowing inspiration to nurture your life, you become sharper, clearer, and more energetic.

Aphrodite is here with her dance of love, inviting you to luxuriate, bask, and revel in love for yourself. Do you spend the day without thinking or saying how much you love yourself? Do you do little loving things for yourself? Or are you miserly keeping yourself on a diet of starvation rations? Do you listen to your needs in a loving, respectful way, or do you criticize yourself for balking at the schedule you keep, for complaining about the job you hate, for bemoaning the relationship you endure? Now is the time to love yourself. Aphrodite says that to be able to love another, you must be able to love yourself. Loving others means being able to allow them to be exactly as they are. It means witnessing yourself and your loved ones with love, amusement, and delight. The amount of space we can allow another is dependent on the amount of space we can allow for ourselves. Wholeness is achieved when we can hold infinite space and patience for ourselves first and then extend it to others.

New Moon Ritual Idea

Bathing Ritual for Rejuvenation
Bathing, whether this be a traditional bath, or a preference to shower, can be a magickal and pleasurable experience. Taking extra consideration and creating intentions around what would normally be a hygienic practice transforms this act into a meaningful ritual. Plan a nurturing, long bath or shower for yourself. Include beautiful music, candles, incense, flowers, salts, oils, bath bombs, shower steamers, whatever will fulfill the needs of your body and soul. This time of year calls for rejuvenation; as the longest days of dark winter are behind us, our spirits call to stretch, unload, and heal in time for the promise of the coming spring. What are you ready to wash away? What parts of yourself call to be renewed? As you cleanse, purifying yourself, bring awareness to the physical act of cleansing and how this process can become spiritual for you. Symbolically cleaning and washing away the troubles or concerns of the previous year allows you to make space for growth and renewal moving forward.

May your water be warm and your hearts be full!

A cleansing accompaniment we cherish is our Milk Bath. The time-honored practice of bathing in milk is believed to nourish, moisturize, and rejuvenate, resulting in soft, healthier-looking skin. This centuries-old practice has connections to infamous beauties such as Cleopatra. Our version includes traditional whole milk, creamy coconut milk, healing oats, and a soothing essential oil blend.

New Moon Goddess Melodies
Pachamama by Beautiful Chorus
Brigid by Jenna Greene
Aphrodite by Honey Gentry

Follow our New Moon Goddess Wisdom playlist on spotify. 

Move through the New Moons of 2022 with Goddess energy. Dance with us as we introduce 3 new Goddesses every New Moon of the year 2022. xo, DollyMoo

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