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New Moon Goddess Wisdom

New Moon Goddess Wisdom

A second new moon occurring in the same calendar month is sometimes referred to as "the black moon." This phenomenon heralds an opportunity for powerful change. The energetics of a new moon is amplified at this time, making it an ideal time for manifestation and instilling new practices. While this is a unique time, find comfort in laying low and looking within to see what aspects of your spirit are calling for inspiration or nurturing. May you find boundless revelations within yourself and work towards your highest hopes.

Follow your intuition and select the first card that calls to you.

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1. Gyhldeptis
Gyhldeptis glides into your life to tell you the way to wholeness for you now lies in synthesis. It is time to bring all the divergent parts, all the opposing pieces, together into one whole you. At this time in your life, you may be engaged in conflict or opposition. Now you must resolve it and create union. Perhaps you are dissipating your energy, your life force, in too many directions or have hundreds of irons in the fire. This is the time to find the common thread that will serve your needs in the best way. Gyhldeptis says that by learning to listen to all the different pieces, all the divergent parts of you (and this can include your family, community, partner), you can hear and give what is needed to create wholeness. Wholeness is created when all the parts are honored and listened to when all the parts are brought together and synthesized into a whole. The greatest gifts to the whole often lie in the most disparate pieces.

2. Demeter
Demeter has come to light your way through the dark and challenging labyrinth of feelings/emotions. It is time to nurture wholeness by accepting, acknowledging, and expressing your feelings. Feelings are what you feel. Emotions are your reaction to your feelings. Feelings left unexpressed build up and can create disease, for they take up space inside and keep healthy energy from flowing. Perhaps as a child, your feelings (and you!) weren't heard; therefore, you needed to give them more energy in order to get any sort of response. Perhaps you fear your emotions and/or feelings will render you too vulnerable, overwhelm you, or take you to places from which you won't be able to return. Demeter says the more you learn to accept and acknowledge your feelings, the less time you will spend in emotional turmoil and the more energy you will have to live life. The more you learn to accept and honor your feelings, the safer it will become to express them.

3. Shakti
Shakti explodes into your life to energize and vitalize you. The way to wholeness for you now lies in learning to work with Shakti: divine, cosmic, orgasmic Goddess energy. Have you been feeling tired? Do life, and all its demands exhaust you? Do you keep giving your energy, your vitality, without taking in, recharging, or revitalizing? Perhaps there is something you want to manifest, but don't feel you have enough energy to do it. Shakti says there is abundant energy available for you. All you need to do is learn how to connect with it.

New Moon Ritual idea:
Honor The Sacredness Of Sleep
How and when we rest our bodies is profoundly important for our mental, physical, and spiritual health. The importance and sanctity of sleep seems to have been lost with the passing of time. Creating rituals to let your body know it's time to sleep is a helpful way to ensure a better night's rest. On the night of this new moon, if you feel inspired to do so, here are a few habits or rituals to implement in your sleep routine!

-Turn Down The Lights: Naturally, our bodies become sleepy when it gets dark out, but our systems can be misled by having the lights on all night until the moment we lay down. Cut the overhead lights and opt for softer lighting such as lamps and candlelight.

- Wind Down With Tea: A hot cup of herbal, caffeine-free tea is so nurturing and comforting for the body and soul. Herbal teas specifically tend to have a calming effect, aiding in relaxation and better sleep.

-Downtime From Devices: In our modern world, it can be challenging not to use our TVs, devices, and cell phones right up to the point we go to bed or are in bed, yet establishing a cut off time for these things for yourself can help your mind begin to relax and not be as stimulated. If you can say goodnight to your devices an hour before you go to bed or start smaller and work your way to the hour.

New Moon Goddess Melodies

Spiritual Synthesis by IOXOI
Demeter by Greek Mythologist
Shakti by Shantala, Tina Malia, Steve Gorn

Follow our New Moon Goddess Wisdom playlist on spotify. 

Move through the New Moons of 2022 with Goddess energy. Dance with us as we introduce 3 new Goddesses every New Moon of the year 2022. xo, DollyMoo


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