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217 Glenridge Ave

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New Moon Tarot Pull!
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New Moon Tarot Pull!

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Release. Recharge. Reset.
We are eternally going through cycles and phases along with nature and the heavenly bodies. Just as in the natural world, everything revolves, evolves, and sheds what is no longer necessary or beneficial to their being. We must do the same. Our humanity is such a complex and beautiful thing; we are capable of wondrous feats and dreams, yet need to be reminded of our innate simplicity and oneness with the universe. In the modern age, we have become slightly disconnected from our synchronicity with Mother Earth. Her inherent wisdom still resides in each of our souls; all we need to do is acknowledge it and seek. If you look to our world for guidance, she will always answer. Watch the weather, the plants, trees, birds, how everything flows, and responds to one another. Still in perfect harmony, one occurrence leads and feeds the next and so on. The opportunities to observe and learn from our surroundings is limitless. So let us be more in tune with our essence.
Release Excess. Recharge Spirit. Reset Intention.

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1. The World
You are all that you need to be. The dance of life has brought you full circle. Bountiful wisdom has been attained on your journey. Lessons and experiences are absorbed, giving you a deeper understanding of your place in life and role in the universe. You can trust yourself, for you are the master of your inner nature. This sense of wholeness, completion, fulfillment, and belonging is immensely satisfying. Though a chapter of your life may be closing, a cycle ending is a time for celebration. Honor the journey; a new one awaits.
2. Two Of Wands
Surprise! Something unexpected is on the way. Decisions will need to be made. Typically this will present in the form of two paths you need to choose between. Weigh your options, the pros, and cons. Focus and planning are essential now. Also, a successful and prosperous partnership may be on the horizon. This productive meeting of the minds could prove more favorable than expected at this time. Negotiations and deals weigh in your favor.
3. King Of Pentacles
Patience pays off. The King of Pentacles is in it for the long haul. Even in his lavish abundance and love for the good things in life, he saves for a rainy day. He is here to teach you that hard work and discipline lead to success. An excellent head for business, finances, and social status can be attained by carefully planning. Finding a balance of intelligence, confidence, and responsibility will provide you the stability required to move upward. While climbing this ladder, be sure to use your power and influence generously to lift others along the way.

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