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217 Glenridge Ave

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217 Glenridge Ave

Montclair, NJ 07042

Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm

Sunday 12pm-5pm

Over the Moo-n! Sturgeon Moon...

Over the Moo-n! Sturgeon Moon...

August Full Sturgeon Moon

The Full Moon of August, The Sturgeon Moon, illuminates the summer night. This grand moon was named for the giant, ancient fish, the sturgeon. These wondrous creatures can live up to 100 years old, grow up to 10 feet long, and their lineage can be traced back to well over 120 million years. The Native Americans associated the August moon with this prehistoric fish, as they were amply available for a food source at this time. This year it's particularly interesting that this fish inspired moon is highlighting the astrological water-bearing sign of Aquarius. One can't help but feel there is an emphasis on these watery creatures being displayed. It's a curious contemplation to think of how extraordinary nature's symbols can truly be. 

Full Moon In Aquarius Vibes 

• free spirited • humanitarian • eccentric •visionary 

Moon Affirmation 

"I am knowledgeable, I am wise, I am constantly evolving."

Moon And Me Time 

Take A Meditative Bath Or Shower

Restorative self-care is always important and can be achieved in many ways. Specifically, working with the energy of water in this way can help not only to cleanse you physically but also on an emotional and spiritual level. By creating an atmosphere of serenity and intention, the simple act of cleansing becomes a restorative practice. Play some beautifully peaceful music, light candles, burn incense, and set the mood however you feel called. Once you have drawn a hot bath, or got the shower going, immerse yourself in the sacred water, allowing it to wash over you, taking with it any imbalances in your energetic field. Clear your mind by focusing on this exact moment, acknowledge the innate love and peace that resides within your heart and in each of us. May you be cleansed and restored in all aspects. 


Moo For The Moon 

Moon Age Daydream Bath Bomb


Your imagination is sacred; This is the space where all things manifest. Everything, at some point, began as a thought, an idea, or a dream. Your daydreams are inspiring to the soul and intuitively connected to source. Let this moment serve as a peaceful reminder to never stop dreaming, keep looking up, stargaze, and magickally manifest all you desire. As you submerge in cosmic waters, recite aloud, "My imagination is sacred; I allow myself to flourish in my daydreams." Let your mind wander as you gaze into the glistening water, breathing in calming scents of sea mist, beach grass, and driftwood. *This bath bomb comes with a special incantation card to enhance your bath magick.*


Songs To Set The Moon Mood

A Song Called Lavender by James Hood 

The Lovers by Jonn Serrie 

We'll be adding 2 songs to set the Moon Moo-d Meditation vibes every full + new moon of 2021. Use this playlist to meditate or play throughout your home to lift your vibrational energy. Wishing you many moon blessings! 


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