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217 Glenridge Ave

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217 Glenridge Ave

Montclair, NJ 07042

Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm

Sunday 12pm-5pm

Over the Moo-n! Wolf Moon...

Over the Moo-n! Wolf Moon...

January 28th, 2021 

The first full moon of the year, January's Wolf Moon, is upon us. Northeastern Native American tradition has bestowed upon us this symbolic name. During the long winter nights of crisp cold, among barren landscapes, the wolves alluring howl can be heard for miles. It is no wonder these nocturnal creatures captivate all who hear their entrancing call. Some legends even believe wolves are the guardians of the moon, breathing the moon into existence through their cries. Over time, the exact reason for the namesake moon may be lost to us; we can see the sheer power and mystery of this sacred animal and why it is so important. There is much to be learned of wolf medicine. What comes to mind when you think of wolf spirit? Standing in your power, protecting family, teamwork, loyalty, and trusting your instincts are a few of many strong points of this influential being. Take time on this full moon to meditate on the magick of the Wolf. Allow yourself to bring these divine qualities into your own life. 

Full Moon in Leo Vibes

•playful •ambitious •confident •passionate

Moon Affirmation:

I radiate confidence; infinite power lies within me. 

(Repeat throughout the next few days and anytime you feel called)  

Moon and Me Time:

Dance. Moving your body is more therapeutic than you can even imagine. Life can get busy, but the best thing about dancing is you can do it anywhere at any time. Just Dance! While cooking dinner, at work, in the shower! Endless opportunities. Revive your spirit, shake up any stagnant energy. It can be as silly, fun, or as sensual as you'd like, but get moving! You'll be happy you did.  

Moo for the Moon:

Wild Rose Dusting Powder


A luxurious echo to times passed, our Wild Rose Dusting Powder is a delicate way to pamper yourself. A plush black poof dusts a scent of fresh roses all over your body. With a nourishing base of arrowroot powder and kaolin clay, your skin will be silky smooth and soft to the touch. Dusting powder is a fun way to layer scent and absorb excess moisture and odor. With all of its benefits, this vintage beauty accessory is here to stay.( If you already love our Wild Rose Body Oil, layering the dusting powder will allow the scent to last longer!) 

Songs to set the Moon Mood

Spirit Of the Wolf by Sencha The Vate

Chandra (The Moon) by Michael Mandrell and Benjy Wertheime


We'll be adding two songs to set the Moon Moo-d Meditation vibes every full + new moon of 2021. Use this playlist to meditate or play throughout your home to lift your vibrational energy. Visit our blog at to keep in tune with the moons of 2021. Wishing you many moon blessings! 

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