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Bath Bomb Trio of our Colorful Favorites
Bath Bomb Trio of our Colorful Favorites

Bath Bomb Trio of our Colorful Favorites


We've selected a few of our favorite colorful bath bombs, just for you or someone you love! Nag Champa Rose, Patchouli Saffron & Black Fig & Honey!

Nag Champa Rose- bath bomb is used to create a sacred space, energize your aura & create harmonious balance throughout your spirit. 

Patchouli Saffron-The rich, earthy aroma of patchouli folds harmoniously into the exotic scent of saffron in our Patchouli Saffron bath bomb, blessed with healing calendula flowers. Run a hot bath and allow the fragrance to unfold your mind, energize your heart, and awaken your third eye.

Black Fig & Honey-This dark & sweet bath bomb, although good to enjoy anytime, is perfect for a sacred soak on the new moon. With black fig for divination + love and chamomile for purification, abundance + rest. Using this bath bomb for your ceremonial offering bath will ensure you receive all the sweet nourishment of quiet solitude the new moon inspires, and that the seeds of intention you plant on the dark moon blossom vibrantly. This bath bomb smells rich, with a touch of woody/sweetness and rounded with a touch of herbal from the chamomile tea.