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217 Glenridge Ave

Montclair, NJ 07042

Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm

Sunday 12pm-5pm

Cardamom Cedar & Rose Bath Bomb with Pink Himalayan Salt


The essence of this bath bomb will connect you to the grounding energetics of the earth. Pink Himalayan crystal salt will cleanse the aura, heart, and body. Ancient cedar offers protection and peace, while delicate rose is a time honored heart remedy, used to bring comfort and connection within. 

*One bath bomb direction card is included per shipment. Additional direction cards are available upon request.

Scent Profile: delicate rose, herbaceous cardamom, grounding cedar

How To Use: Fill your bathtub with warm water or your desired temperature. Gently place bath bomb on the surface of the water. Take a deep breath and enjoy the calming aromas and moisturizing benefits of your sacred bath. Each bath bomb is blessed with love and positive energy. Enjoy and many blessings!

Hand-Mixed Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Wild-Harvested Witch Hazel, Cocoa Butter, Grape Seed Oil, Essential/Fragrance Oil Blend, Pink Himalayan Salt, Dried Rose, Love & Magick. 

♲Our Bath Bombs are wrapped using Biolefin♲Biolefin TM is a 100% biodegradable (Oxo-biodegradable) plastic shrink wrap that quickly bio-degrades into food for bacteria and other microorganisms after entering the environment. It does not degrade into micro plastics!

4 oz 

Paraben Free/Phthalate Free/Vegan

Note: The appearance of this bath bomb may change over time due to the nature of this product. Have no worries! Some discoloration could happen from natural oils.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Never disappointed with any purchase from here

Eric H.
Dolly Moo is amazing

All of the products are handmade with love and the price point is competitive. Just buy everything they have - all their products are amazing.

Samantha C.

I loved the smell of this bath bomb. The little rose bud on top was a nice touch.

Paige O.
Never disappoints

Relaxing and Smells so good!

Kayla Canady
Amazing bath bomb

Absolutely lovely! Packaging was so well put together, and the little note card inside was so sweet and brightened my day. Not only that but the bath bomb itself was simply astonishing, left my skin so wonderfully soft and left it with a pleasant fragrance. The dried flower was such a cute touch. Definitely going to be purchasing again and again <3 Blessed be.

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