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Complete Fall Equinox Collection SOLD OUT


We’re sorry, at this this time this product is unavailable.

Usher in this incredible season with DollyMoo's gorgeous sacred self-care Fall Equinox Collection. Because when we show the universe we love ourselves, the universe sends us more ways in which to celebrate that love. Read More about the Fall Equinox HERE

In our Fall Equinox Collection you will receive: 

Mabon Moon Body Butter Blessing: 

This rich and creamy body butter blessing is exactly what you need to bless your body with nutrients and the warm woodsy scent of fall. Made with Kokum & unrefined shea butter, this whipped body butter will leave your skin feeling soft & moisturized. Concocted with sandalwood & vanilla oils, keeping you warm, cozy and smooth throughout the crisp fall season. Cozy Up! 

Concoction: Kokum Butter, Unrefined Shea Butter, Cold-Pressed Grapeseed Oil, Essential/Fragrance Oil Blend, love & lots of good energy. 

Amber Moon Aura Oil Roll-On Perfume: 

Amber is a unique oil with vibrations of comfort & support. Promoting love, happiness, healing & protection. A sweet little dab behind the ears and on your wrists is all you'll need of this warm intoxicating amber moon scent.   

Spirit Sachet: 

DollyMoo Spirit Sachet. Cured for two months at the house of DollyMoo, our mixture of woodsy forest finds are filled with a warm & toasty scent. Perfect for your sacred space, whether it be in your home, lingerie drawer, closet or wherever your spirit calls. May your spirit be happy and your fall warm. xo

Equinox Moon Bath Bomb:

Our Equinox Moon Bath Bomb is blessed with powerful black lava salt. This purifying bath is perfect for a cool fall evening. Light some candles, burn some sage and soak in a cleansing bath to help remove any negative energy you may have encountered. Manifest positivity and ignite whatever your spirit may be craving. You've got this. 

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