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Harvest Pumpkin Bath Bomb



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Harvest Pumpkin Bath Bomb

Now is the time to embrace your ripe and prosperous spirit during the fall season. Harvest in abundance, love and positivity that will carry you through the colder months. It has been said that the scent of pumpkin can help ignite healing energy while also providing protection. Our Harvest Pumpkin bath bomb’s warm, sugary aroma will wrap you in comfort and the soothing blessing of pumpkin butter found in each batch will immerse your mind, body, and soul in the magick of the season.

Hand-mixed Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, grapeseed oil, wild-harvested witch hazel, pumpkin butter, mango butter, skin-safe colorant, fragrance/essential oil blend, Love and Magick.

Paraben Free. Phalate Free. Vegan.

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