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217 Glenridge Ave

Montclair, NJ 07042

217 Glenridge Ave

Montclair, NJ 07042

Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm

Sunday 12pm-5pm

Muscle Salve



Enjoy our unique mixture of essential oils & arnica oil to help relieve pains, strains & sore muscles. Massage onto achy muscles and joints. Expect to feel a warm & cooling sensation within 5-7 minutes. Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy.

Hand-Mixed Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Organic Arnica Oil, Wintergreen Essential oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Camphor Essential Oil, Love & Healing Energy.


Customer Reviews

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Muscle Salve

This salve really works. Bought one for myself and one for my sister - she suffers from arthritis and it helps her general body aches.

holy grail

I have neck tension, I use this every night, and sometimes throughout the day if I feel I need it. It feels like natural icy hot, I love it! The cooling effect is so soothing & the scent is so meditative and wonderful for a self neck massage before you go to sleep or meditate :) great self care to add to your routine!

Jacquelynn L.
Love the Product---Packaging was Challenging

I love this muscle salve. I use it before bed on my calves, neck, and shoulders. It's so soothing and smells lovely.

The reason I'm offering 4 stars as opposed to 5, is that the cannister would not budge when I tried to unscrew it. I'm not sure if it was due to the heat and thermal expansion, but no amount of twisting would loosen the lid. My partner had to use knife to pop the lid over the seams and bend the aluminum in order to get it open. Once it was open, everything was great and the salve was just as fabulous as ever.

Lisa G.

I woke up 2 days ago with neck pain. I put this on my neck and i soon noticied my neck pain was gone. My husband was having some back pain. I put this on his back and in a short time he told me his pain was gone. It is so much better then the other stuff that has horrible smell

Cassandra E Beauvoir-Hobbs
Absolutely Amazing

I've been using Muscle Butter for over a year and a half. After suffering a neck and shoulder injury, its been such a game changer. I suffer a lot of muscle spasms and its one of the only things that consistently gives me relief to work and sleep easier. I love all of the Dolly Moo products I've tried, and the entire butter trio, but I always make sure I have this particularly on hand.

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