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Palo Santo "Holy Wood"



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Palo Santo is a sacred, mystical, ancient tree held holy by the Shamans of Peru. This wood is known for it's energetically cleansing & healing properties. It has a deep presence that is rooted into earth, allowing us to maintain clarity in our third eye while remaining grounded in the earthly realm. 

It's beautiful, comforting, earthy scent brings a lightness to the heart, raising your vibrations and allowing you a deeper connection in meditation and spirituality. If you are receptive to the magick of Palo Santo, burning this wood will bring creativity and good fortune. 

You will receive 1 Palo Santo smudging stick about 3-4inches in length. Shape and size may vary as these pieces are all cut by hand. Your Palo Santo will be accompanied with a blessing card to help assist you during your smudging. May your home, your aura and your heart be happy, healthy and light! Blessed be & many blessings! 


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