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Sandalwood Spice Body Oil 4oz


Body, Mind, Spirit.


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Sandalwood Spice Body Oil will leave your skin smooth and hydrated with an earth and spice aromatic glow.
What to do with DollyMoo: In the shower or out, gently rub oil on damp or dry skin.
Use it to shave!  Use it instead of lotion! Add it to your Bath or use it with a friend. wink. wink. However you choose to use your DollyMoo is up to you! We just want you to feel good and smell good. 
Hand Mixed Ingredients: Grape seed Oil, Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Sandalwood and Frankincense Fragrance Oil (IFRA Approved), Love.
Made with 40% recycled glass
Tip! Try rubbing Sandalwood Spice on temples and wrists before meditating.  Sandalwood and frankincense are used to slow and deepen the breathing to aid meditation. 


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