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Winter Tuberose Collection


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Allow yourself to welcome in the Winter Solstice with warm open arms. Winter is a time to settle in, rest & release. You can do just that with our divine Winter Tuberose Collection. A crisp floral mixture of beautifully crafted elixirs to warm your spirit on the coldest of winters days & nights. This collection is perfect for anyone who loves the sound of wild winter wind outside their windows,  the diamond glints on snow and the peaceful harmony of falling snowflakes. May your winter be filled with peace, harmony, love and of course, a little magick. xo

What you'll receive in your Winter Tuberose Collection: 

Winter Tuberose Body Butter Blessing: 

This rich and creamy body butter blessing is exactly what you need to bless your body with nutrients during the cold winter months. Made with Kokum & unrefined shea butter, this whipped body butter will leave your skin feeling soft & moisturized. Concocted with night blooming tuberose, keeping you in a dream state of winter warmth & tranquility. 

Concoction: Kokum Butter, Unrefined Shea Butter, Cold-Pressed Grapeseed Oil, Essential/Fragrance Oil Blend, love & lots of good energy. 

Winter Tuberose Aura Oil Roll-On Perfume: 

Tuberose has a beautiful fragrance which is active at night when it blooms. It's known as the "Night Queen." Promotes peace, harmony & love. 

Sleep Sachet: 

DollyMoo Sleep Sachet. Cured for two months at the house of DollyMoo, our mixture of winter woodsy forest finds is infused with night blooming tuberose. Perfect for your sacred space, night stand, under your pillows, linen closest or wherever your spirit calls. Sweet dreams night Queen. 

Winter Tuberose Bath Bomb:

Our Winter Tuberose Bath Bomb is perfect to save for a snowstorm or bitter cold night. Run a hot steamy bath, light a candle and allow yourself to soak in a sacred cleansing bath. Rest & release. 

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