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Blessed Lammas!
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Blessed Lammas!

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Blessed Lammas! 
As the wheel of the year turns, we have arrived at the beautiful sabbat, Lammas, or Lughnasadh. Traditionally, this day marks the bounty of summer, and therefore the first harvest of the year. It is at this time that the first preparations for the autumn and winter seasons are made. As the infinite abundance of the summer has reached its peak, it is time for us to give gratitude for the gifts Mother Nature has provided. Ample sunshine, ripe fruits and vegetables, and joyous memories with loved ones. For these and many other reasons, it is important to maintain awareness as to why we celebrate these ancient traditions. The sabbats were, and are, a way to stay connected to Mother Earth, this miraculous place we get to share as our home. Consciously choosing to honor the seasons and phases of nature, will greatly connect you to Mother Earth, and in turn rejuvenate your perspective.
Enjoy the spinning wheel at this time of the ever-abundant summer, and celebrate the coming of the harvest by partaking in one or many of our favorite Lammas Lughnasadh activities!
Berry Picking
An ideal way to live in the heart of summer, berry picking is sure to inspire your inner child. In the Northern Hemisphere, wild blackberries are ripe and grow amply. While blackberries are specifically unique to this holiday, any succulent summer berries are sure to warm your spirits as you pick and snack upon them in the warmth of the sun.

Share Some Brew
As wheat crops are typically the first grains to be harvested at this time, beers and ciders are iconic beverages to be shared in the celebration. These refreshing libations can be alcohol or not; the main focus is in honoring the grains. You can visit a local brewery, or you try your hand at brewing some of your own concoctions, such as ginger beer, at home too.

Support Local Farmers
Without farmers, society as we know it would not exist. Farmers are the backbone of every community on Earth. Give thanks and acknowledge the efforts of the hard-working people that sustain life in so many ways. Stop by and shop at a local farmers market, farm stand, or actual farm if you can. Supporting your community directly in this way is one of the highest honors to nature and your neighbor.

Bake Homemade Bread
With the first harvest of grains, it is no wonder, bread is undoubtedly the star of this celebration. Nothing compares to enjoying freshly baked bread. Imagine all the ways to enjoy it, dipped in olive oil with herbs, butter, cheese, dips, spreads, sweet, and savory alike. The options are endless!

Preserve Food
In preparation for the chilly months that inevitably come after the summer has gone, take advantage of the abundant crop yield to learn to preserve foods. Learning to pickle veggies and make jams is a lost art form that nearly every family used to be able to do. Though now we live in an age of convenience where we can simply stop at the store for whatever we like, it's a fun way to get back in touch with our ancestors who used to rely on this skillset to make it through the winter months.

Abundance Meditation
Since this is a season of plenty, this creates an ideal energetic atmosphere to focus on the abundance that exists in your life. Make some quiet time for yourself, whether it be five or forty minutes, however much you can dedicate to reflection. Play some soft, beautiful music, listen to your breath, and follow it into the space in your heart. Think of all of your blessings. The people, places, and things that already exist in your life, and those ones that you will create and manifest. The simplest joys, each of them count. Count your blessings, and may you lose count.

Home Blessing
Our homes are sacred, a space we aspire to fill with love, feelings of safety, and beautiful memories. As each season moves, it's a good reminder to bring awareness to our home's energy. Doing a little extra freshening up around the house, with the windows open and some music on, can really brighten the atmosphere. Light some candles, incense, or diffuse some essential oils to bring additional comfort to your space. As you enjoy some one-on-one time with your home, acknowledge the spirit and soul that the home itself has, thank this space for all that it is, and in your own way, create a blessing.

Song To Celebrate the Season
Lammas Lughnasadh by Earth Tree Healing

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