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217 Glenridge Ave

Montclair, NJ 07042

Over the Moo-n! Buck Moon...
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Over the Moo-n! Buck Moon...

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July Full Buck Moon
This month's full moon has arrived, bearing a unique nickname with significant energy! The full moon of July has been grandly nicknamed The Buck Moon, after the king of the forest. It is at this time of year that the antlers of the buck, or male deer, are in full growth status. Their cute little fuzzy antlers are becoming strong, tall, and pointed, preparing them for their upcoming mating season. The stoic crown of antlers are used to challenge other bucks to win over a doe, and in turn prolong their lineage. Time and experience carry a buck into becoming a stag, the elder, wise, teacher. That being said, the symbolism in the nickname of this moon is of profound energetic influence. The Native Americans honored the king of the forest in many ways, one being his namesake moon. His grace, gentleness, and knowledge of personal strength and when to use it are all attributes to be admired.

Full Moon In Aquarius Vibes
•innovative •free-spirited •visionary •unconventional

Moon Affirmation
I listen to my inner voice. I am inspired by my own uniqueness and choose to live in my authenticity.

Moon And Me Time
Collective Self Care
By nature, humans are social creatures. As essential and beautiful as self-care is, another layer to this is the care of the collective. We take care of ourselves when we take care of each other. The simplest gestures and interactions can have the most profound effects. Smile at a stranger, offer compliments when they come to mind, holding a door, even just saying hello! Check-in on relatives and friends.
We are all interconnected; we get to share this experience of life, a miraculous collective of individuals, that together, our love and mindfulness can change the world.

Moo For The Moon
Boardwalk Dreams Candle
Take a joyful walk down memory lane with our Boardwalk Dreams candle. The playfully sweet aromas of funnel cake, cotton candy, and pink lemonade, hearken us back to nostalgic nights on the Jersey Shore. If you close your eyes and breath in, the smell of sweet treats will transport you to a warm summer evening, the sun setting as you walk down the boardwalk, glimpsing smiles on everyone’s faces, as they make memories, with warmth and joy in their hearts.

Songs To Set The Moon Mood
Purple Indulgence by Masako
Deer Spirits Welcome The Dawn by Native Flute Ensemble

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