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Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm

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Full Moon Affirmation Pull...

Full Moon Affirmation Pull...

The second full moon of the year, the dazzling full moon of February, is inspiring and uplifting. With the promise of spring dancing in the air, sunny days, and birds singing, our spirits begin to thaw. There is an innate sense of joy and hope that comes at this time of year, we are about to gently shift into the coming season, the season of renewed life and rebirth is just within our grasp. While it is still winter, this moon allows us to reflect on the quiet parts with ourselves that are yearning to break through. Bask in the fullness of cool light of the winter moon, allowing it to shine through to your hopes and joys, illuminating yourself from the inside out. 
Below you will find three cards to choose from, each containing a unique affirmation for you to speak to the truth of your soul.

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1. I AM WILLING TO FORGIVE. Forgiveness of myself and others releases me from the past. Forgiveness is the answer to almost every problem. Forgiveness is a gift to myself. I forgive, and I set myself free.  

2. I SEE MY PARENTS AS TINY CHILDREN WHO NEED LOVE. I have compassion for my parents' childhoods. I now know that I chose them because they were a perfect fit for what I had to learn. I forgive them and set them free, and I set myself free. 

 3. LOVING OTHERS IS EASY, WHEN I LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF. My heart is open. I allow my love to flow freely. I love myself. I love others, and others love me.

Awaken And Inspire Your Inner Child
Within each of us, no matter how far into the journey of life we are, is a sweet and curious inner child, full of curiosity and playfulness. Sometimes, along the way, we forget this part of ourselves or don’t tend to it as often as we could. Throughout the course of the year, we will explore little ways to inspire and awaken that special innocence and joy because no matter where we are on our path, our inner child is willing to play!

Creative Expression Through Art
When children make art, there are no rules. As adults, our perception can be muddled sometimes by the thought of how things should be. Confining expectations such as we should color within the lines, that the grass is green and the sky is blue, a bird belongs in the sky, and fish in water, luckily don’t apply in the realm of creative expression. The truth is, you are free to be and create without limit. It doesn’t have to make sense, not even to you. Take some time with your medium of choice, crayons, collage, paint, and allow yourself to be free. Open up and invite your inner child’s limitless perception to shine through. Try different techniques, use your fingers, try creating on different surfaces, mixing mediums, experiment, and play! Create something beautiful and inspirational, hang it on the refrigerator to remind you of the infinite creativity that lives within you always.

Full Moon Feel Good Music

I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis
You Gotta Be by Des’ree
My Favorite Mistake by Sheryl Crow

Follow our Full Moon Feel Good Playlist on Spotify!

We will be adding 3 feel good songs every full moon to warm your heart, uplift your spirit and inspire your mood.

“These cards are an outgrowth of the affirmative sayings Louise Hay used to give her clients to help them find their inner strength as they worked on issues ranging from self-esteem to romance to prosperity and love. Read one, and watch your day unfold effortlessly and powerfully.”


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