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Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm

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New Moon Goddess Wisdom

New Moon Goddess Wisdom


We welcome the vivacious month of March by honoring the new moon that has opened her door. Symbolically, a new moon at the beginning of the month is a rich setting for growth and setting intentions for what we’d like to come for the next few weeks. With this “in like a lion out like a lamb” type of energy that March is known for, it’s inspiring to take action and make things happen now so that we can rest and enjoy later. Delve deep into yourself to meet your inner lion and inner lamb. May they be in perfect harmony.

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Eostre comes into your life with her springtime message of personal growth. It is time to open to things in your life that facilitate growth, development, evolution. Is there a class or workshop you’ve been wondering if you should take? Do it now! Is there something new that you want to include in your life? Let it in now! Have you just gone through a period of stagnation and lethargy where nothing seemed to be happening? Let it go! Now is the time of growth. Eostre says that wholeness is nurtured when you embrace experiences, risks, and occasions that cause you to stretch. The stretching promotes your growth.



Morgan Le Fay has come dancing into your life with her drums and her magick to invite you to discover and live your rhythms. What are your personal rhythms? Do you know the best time for you to exercise, sleep, eat, be creative, make love, work, et cetera? Or do you spend all your vitality adjusting to the rhythms imposed on you by your work, family, lover, friends? Have you been submerged in the life of another and lived his/her rhythms instead of your own? Perhaps you never discovered your own rhythms because you wanted to please those around you and be “one of the team.” It is vital for you to live according to your own rhythms. Flowing with your rhythm brings you greater energy because you are no longer suppressing what is natural to you. Morgan Le Fay says vitality, health, and wholeness are nurtured when you flow with your own unique beat rather than against it.



Nu Kua floats into your life to assist you in creating order. Is chaos constantly peering around the edges of your life, threatening to overwhelm you if you relax for an instant? Have you let things pile up and bury you? Do you find you are excellent at organizing your boss, family, and mate, but not yourself? Are you afraid of order, afraid that if you find a workable system for yourself, you will feel locked in, unable to flow? Or perhaps you have created order in your life, but in a way that is stifling and stiff, solid, heavy, engraved in stone. Now is the time to nurture yourself with order that assists rather than chokes your life force. Nu Kua says that when life is ordered in the natural way, you nurture your path to wholeness. When you forcibly impose something unnatural from without, you create rebellion and resistance.

New Moon Ritual Idea

Practice Self Massage

In the western world, we believe massage to be something we indulge in as a treat to ourselves, usually in a spa setting. Massage has so many benefits for your body and health that we should all incorporate it into our lives more. What better way than to massage yourself! You know your body better than anyone else; it’s your home, after all. Begin with a beautiful body oil or butter, using long strokes, massage your limbs, then bring attention to your abdomen, send loving vibrations to your muscles and organs as you work your way around your body. Interlocking stretches on your fingertips and toes, a tender rub down of your feet, your neck, your head, and your face. Think of all the silent, resilient work your body does, day in and out. Caress your beautiful body with gratitude. If you can implement this practice more regularly, you will be sure to see a shift, glowing, radiant skin, better circulation, release of toxins in the body, and relief from tension and stiffness among other benefits.

A nourishing accompaniment we recommend for body massage is any of our classic body oils. Healthful, hydrating blends of jojoba oil, grape seed oil, vitamin e, and essential / fragrance are sure to care for your skin lovingly. With scents to choose from of lavender, tangerine, vanilla, sandalwood spice, lilac, coconut citrus, and wild rose, we are here to support you on your journey of self-love and development.

New Moon Goddess Melodies

Nu Kua by The Molehill Orkestrah

Morgan Le Fay by Hekate

Eostre by Hogerswolf

Follow our New Moon Goddess Wisdom playlist on spotify. 

Move through the New Moons of 2022 with Goddess energy. Dance with us as we introduce 3 new Goddesses every New Moon of the year 2022. xo, DollyMoo

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