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217 Glenridge Ave

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217 Glenridge Ave

Montclair, NJ 07042

Merry Mabon & Fall Equinox!
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Merry Mabon & Fall Equinox!

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Merry Mabon! Today, on the Autumn Equinox, we celebrate the beginning of the autumn season. On this sacred occasion, the hours of light and dark are in perfect balance. This unique quality, combined with the season of harvesting, calls us to bring balance into our lives in synchronicity with gratitude for abundance. Join us in the celebration by creating a special altar dedicated to this nostalgic season!

The use of altars has been prominent throughout history within many faiths and belief systems. The purpose of creating and maintaining an altar is to form a focal point of intention. A place you can visit to meditate, honor the past, present, and future, manifest hopes and desires, and tap into the wonders of the universe. This space acts as a physical reminder to engage with the energy of your mind, emotions, and spirit to unify within the physical realm. Setting intentions and creating a space filled with beauty and peace will be all the more gratifying to take part in this age-old practice.

You can create an altar anywhere you wish! On a table, shelf, windowsill, or nightstand, among many other places. There are no rules; your altar can be small and simple or large and ornate. You can have many altars dedicated to specific purposes (such as ancestors, prosperity, love, deities, etc.) or one altar that encompasses all of your devotions. As long as the space is created from your heart and soul, it will be perfect. Gather items that are sacred to you and adorn them as you see fit!

Altar Adornment Ideas:
•candles - bring the element of fire. different colors for different manifestations and seasons
•incense/ smudges- bring in the element of air and can purify the atmosphere
•flowers - for the earth element, adding an addition of life to the space, and general beautification
•water - for the water element, can also be used to quickly distinguish fire
•crystals - for various properties, vibrations, and beautification
•pictures - of ancestors, places, deities, to honor, bring in their lives, and energetics
•statues - of animals, figures, saints, deities,
•seasonal items - for autumn, items such as acorns, fallen leaves, apples, mini pumpkins
•paper - written desires, manifestations, affirmations, poems, etc.
•anything else you like!

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